mom_daughter_1.jpgAn orthodontic emergency is when you or your child is in pain or discomfort. Examples are: poking wires that cannot be covered with wax, broken appliances which cannot be removed or trauma to the teeth.

  • If your emergency is a poking wire, for your convenience, you may trim it yourself with a household nail clipper or wire cutter, then place wax over the end until your next visit. Otherwise, you may call our emergency number.
  • If your emergency involves a spring that has come off, please remove the spring and trim the poking wire. If a bracket has come off, please remove it from the wire and then trim the wire.
  • If a lower expander is irritating, please turn the appliance back a couple of turns to see if that makes a difference. You may discontinue turning until we check the appliance.
  • For lost or broken removable appliances or retainers, please call during office hours or leave a message.

If you make any home repairs, please call the office on the next working day to schedule an appointment.

Our emergency number is: (616) 610-1311

The emergency number is available to all of our patients for their comfort and convenience. Please do not use this emergency number to change or confirm appointments, ask insurance or other questions which should be answered during normal business hours.

For all billing, insurance scheduling and other questions, please call during business hours or leave a voice message at (616) 531-1811.